We are creating a unique world of colors and movement with acrylic, resin, pigment, and texture medium.

Spirit Stone - 34.4"x48" [LED] Contact for Price

Our new collection includes a split panel connected with a resin rod where LED light drives energy flow.


This is a new collection of work with resin, pigments,  acrylic paint and various other organic elements.

The vibrant colors glow under natural light.

Each artwork is one of a kind! Comes ready to hang and signed by both artists, with a wax seal of authenticity on the back.


Our art prints are created with a dye sublimation process on aluminum. A coating applied to the aluminum hardens to form a wear layer on the sheet. This coating, when softened slightly, can be infused with dye; once cooled, the coating and dyes are locked together. The print and aluminum are placed into a large heat press, and the dyes are pressed firmly against the aluminum at 45 psi. The press quickly heats the aluminum to 400⁰F and sublimates the dyes into the coating, fusing them into place. The printed colors no longer look as they originally did: when dye becomes a gas, its color is transformed, and it becomes a magical luminescence captured on aluminum.
The prints in 12″x12″ and larger are available in a limited series and will include a certificate of authenticity. Some collections are mounted on floating wedge frames, others, on float-mount hangers, displaying your artwork in much the same manner as pieces of fine jewelry.


We have 4 collections

We have learned through practice and patience how to tame the fluids in order to create the fine art pieces you see in our collection.

Magical Reef - 24"x48" Contact for Price


  This is a new collection of work with resin, pigments,  acrylic paint and various other organic elements.

The Big Blue


In the pouring acrylic painting technique, the paint is not applied with a brush or palette knife, but rather use gravity to move the paint across a surface by tilting it. The results are unlike anything you can get with a brush. The fluid flows without any brush marks or texture.



Our mega splashes, often called “jelly fish”, because they look like a form of marine creatures, are carried out by propelling water mixed with inks or/and paint of different colors, using a compressor. These water sculptures flow in the air to 6 or 8 feet high. The different shapes are obtained by modifying pressure and the pipe of water supply, which allows breaking the original shape of the “jelly fish” into fairy tale flowers for example. Under pressure, the water extracts the dies which will color the water column. The crystal appearance and the magical transparency looks like the work of a glassblower.



We create these singular shapes through the collision of water, cream, paint, or ink droplets. Their various shapes and colors depend on the temperature, viscosity, gravity, density, and volume of the liquids we use.

We work with black acrylic or pan filled with liquid in order to reflect the splash. Due to the laws of physics, the end result is often the opposite of what you’d expect.