Stella and Philippe Coupe

Artists Stella and Philippe Coupé are a French couple living in Houston, Texas.

Stella and Philippe work together as a couple to create unique and colorful abstract art. Their complex liquid sculptures are frozen in time in a photograph or in resin.

Since 2014, they collaborate to create mixed media painting and photography, sculpting artistic splash effects through physics and fluid chemistry. Working together, they set up camera and lighting equipment, including UV modified speed lights and strobes, such as those used in forensic photography or mixed pigments, paints by putting a wide array of fluids, all of varying colors and viscosities, to create their art. Their techniques make every art pop with exquisite detail and vibrant color.

Weeks of preparation are required to seize the ephemeral moment when the fluids display their greatest vitality.

When creating one of their unique art pieces, they share their ideas with equanimity, working as a team. These meditative, abstract images represent the way in which they combine their creative and complementary natures. This combining of different elements into a whole creates a fusion more intriguing and beautiful than each component alone.