Artist Statement

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Artists Stella and Philippe Coupé

are a French couple living in Houston, Texas.

Stella and Philippe Coupe

We are artists who work together as a couple to create unique and colorful abstract art on aluminum and wood. Since 2014, we have collaborated to create a hybrid of painting and photography, sculpting artistic liquid effects through physics and fluid chemistry. These art pieces are created by using a wide array of fluids, all of the varying colors, viscosities, and organic elements. Our recent mixed media pieces also feature our distinctive color palettes and a sinuous flow.

The vibrancy of colors and the synergy in movement lend sophistication to their environment and bring in a lot of positivity in our work. Because our pastimes include travel and diving, we are able to discover new artistic inspiration from landscapes and undersea vistas from all over the world.

When creating one of our unique art pieces, we share our ideas with equanimity, working as a team. These meditative, abstract images represent the way in which we combine our creative and complementary natures. This combining of different elements into a whole creates a fusion more intriguing and beautiful than each component alone.