Artist Statement

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Artists Stella and Philippe Coupé

are a French couple living in Houston, Texas.

Stella and Philippe Coupe

We are artists who work together as a couple to create unique and colorful art.
We have a passion for movement, color, texture, and design. Our inspiration is pulled from our surroundings, travel around the world and our imagination. When creating one of our unique art pieces, we share our ideas with equanimity, working as a team. These meditative works represent the way in which we combine our creative and complementary natures.
We began by pulling the acrylic paint mixed with resin to create abstract shapes on the canvas. From there the painting evolves into a composition in which color and texture are the primary subjects. The image is not the focus but rather the part of the process. Our goal is to have the elements of design, color and texture unleash a sense of calming and joy emotion for the viewer. Our art is a piece of who we are, it is about the process of discovery, our personal feelings, the colors that inspire us, and it is created to soothe the soul.